Frequently Asked Questions


Are your teams co-ed?

  • Our U5 Little Dribblers program is co-ed. U7 and older are not co-ed, we divide divisions and teams based on gender.


What is the Difference Between the Provincial and Recreational Programs?

  • The goal of the MBA is to provide opportunities to grow the game of basketball by making it accessible for youth of all ages and skill levels. Although we do recognize that there are many different skill sets amongst the players, our objective is to try to ensure that each player is able to be sufficiently challenged while also having fun in a supportive setting. If we achieve our goal of properly assessing players and placing them in the correct environment, the outcome for all parties involved (players, parents, coaches etc.) is much more satisfying.
  • "REC" teams are for players who enjoy playing basketball but are looking to play more casually with less time and financial commitment. Recreational basketball is typically one practice and game a week that is local. More details on the recreational programs depend on the level of interest and player participation.
  • "PROV" teams are for players who also enjoy basketball but want to take their game to the next level. The PROV players have two guaranteed practices and a third session on the weekend that is either a tournament, game, or practice. Practice plans, coaching style, and the competition level are more intense. In addition, PROV teams typically travel and participate in a few tournaments throughout the year. There is also an end-of-the-year provincial tournament hosted by Basketball New-Brunswick (BNB).
    • PROV players can also expect the additional costs for uniforms, travel, referees, etc


My Child has Other Activities During the Week. Can you Tell me What Night his/her Basketball Practice will be on so I Can Ensure There Won’t be Conflicts?

  • During the registration period (throughout August and early September), information as to which night your child will be practicing is not always available. This information will start to become available once registration closes, evaluations are being held, and coaches and teams are being assembled (normally in late September or early October). If your child has a specific unavoidable conflict on a certain night, please indicate this on the “special request” section in our registration form. This will be taken into account during the rostering and scheduling processes. Although it often works out, we cannot guarantee with certainty that time conflicts will be avoided, due to limited gym availability and the need to accommodate the commitments of our volunteer coaches.


What Does the Registration Fee Cover?

  • Your registration fee covers all the costs of running your child’s basketball team from October until the end of the regular season which ends the week before March break. For Provincial players, there will be additional costs for uniforms, travel, referees, etc


Do I Also Need to Purchase a Uniform and a Ball?

  • Reversible jerseys are provided and are given to the U9+ (includes U9) players at the beginning of the season while U9 players also receive a basketball to keep.
  • U7 receives a t-shirt and basketball to keep.
  • U5 players receive a t-shirt to keep.


When Can I Expect Practices and Games to Begin?

  • After player evaluation sessions, team and coach selection are complete, teams are assembled, and you can expect practices to begin shortly thereafter. Practices will start the week after thanksgiving with games beginning at the end of October.


How Long Does the Season Last?

  • The season runs from October until mid-February with play-offs or jamboree beginning shortly thereafter. The MBA Fall/Winter season will wrap up before March Break.


My Child has Never Played Basketball Before, and I’m Concerned they will be on a Team with "Seasoned Veterans" and Never Touch the Ball. Is this Possible?

  • All players U11 and older will go through an evaluation process in order to make fair and balanced rec teams. In addition, the MBA operates under fair play rules meaning that all youth who participate in basketball will have an even amount of playing time and support.


My Children are U7 and U9, will they Play Actual Basketball Games with Referees?

  • No, at this age, the training sessions focus on teaching the children the basics of the game of basketball.


What do I do if my Child Cannot Make a Practice or Game?

  • We kindly ask you to please let a member of the coaching staff know of their absence. Coaches pre-plan practices thus knowing how many kids will be at each practice is very helpful in building their practice plan. If they miss any new concepts, they will be reviewed at the following practice.


Can You Inform me of Any Existing Subsidy Programs that Provide Registration Financial Assistance?

  • There are opportunities available to assist families with the financial costs of participating in youth basketball. If you require assistance, please contact the MBA (info@mkmba.ca) or call us 506-295-7614.  Your request will be kept in confidence between the Registrar and the Treasurer.

*Please contact our organization for additional information or questions*



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